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Design and Marketing Projects: Mobile Mechanic site needing full marketing integration with craigslist, eBay classifieds, and google webmaster. Successful rankings for tractor trailer repair, roadside assistance & trucker directory management. See my SEO success by searching “tractor trailer repair Las Vegas” “dot inspection Las Vegas” Including keyword research, transferring older HTML site to word press for easier client content management, while maintaining the clients branding, look and feel. Monthly adjustments & keyword research partnering with the client so they can add content that their market is looking for by blogging & promoting workshops based upon monthly market research. See my SEO success by searching yoga classes in Las Vegas, yoga classes in Henderson, yoga teacher training in Las Vegas (or) Henderson. Site for comedian & musician to keep his fans updated on his schedule & a portal for all his social media, youtube to keep his content fresh & connected. Original client whose site was static, recently upgraded to a more modern wordpress design & template. Unique, adorable petting farm in the Miami/Dade area. Site is in WP for ease of content management, I provide support for PayPal ticket sales integration during their large events.




“Before SEO my web site could barely be found.  Now it’s consistently in the top 5 results on most search engines related to childbirth education, pregnancy resources and natural birth in Las Vegas.  More web traffic, more clients, more happy parents and babies!”
Anne Swanson, BS, HBCE
“In the competitive business of commercial and home loans, having a professional (not cookie-cutter) site helps me look like a serious dedicated professional. I was also surprised at how well my site has done in the search engines – achieving awesome rankings in msn for “las vegas mortgage”
Matt Garnes
“Having a professionally designed site that ranks well in the search engines has been helpful in bringing in more business “
Kathleen Santor


Past Projects: For clients looking for total flexibility in their website experience, this site is a great example. The site is powered by joomla, and all content is controlled and added by the client including photo gallery, pages & articles. The joomla software itself was professionally installed by me. Also, each page is search engine optomized. Client has total control & flexibility over adding their own content, almost as easy as writing an email. The site itself has a custom graphics for a real website feel. Great for companies who want a web presence but want to keep control over it. Site geared towards visuallly important services such as; Hair Extensions Full Makeovers Photography Home Parties Personal Shopping Fashion Consulting Videography Fashion & Business Marketing / Image Branding. All custom graphics & flash. Integration of youtube video, blogging, and google calendar for ease of client management. Not only did this company need a site, but they needed it in a three-day window. Their owner had retained another webmaster who quit three days before their debut as a company at a huge hair show. Without the website to go to, their company would have lost thousands of dollars & potential clients as they had spent hundreds of dollars on marketing materials and thousands of dollars on a display booth, models, and materials. Their site was up and ready to go before the show, and included flash and three photo galleries of their work. A MFT in Sacramento. Ms. Plumer needed a sight that was visually interesting in a field that often produces bland or benign marketing and visuals. I came up with a concept of showing famous statues and art in the throes of human emotion{happy AND sad} to keep away from the overdone stock photos of pensive or happy looking “clients”.


Las Vegas Mortgage
This site has had an extremely successful pay per click program through google. Because the real estate market is extremely competitive, we did a combination of good page design and PPC. Both have paid off tremendously, achieving great natural placement as well as good conversion clicks through our PPC ad campaign. As a challenge, this site was hacked into in the summer of 2007 and taken over. Because of this, I have now become familiar with the re-inclusion process in google, as well as what to do when your site is hacked. (back to top)
Web presence designed as an entry way for an affiliate program to sell stripper poles and promote exotic dance classes in a Las Vegas dance studio.(back to top)
Las Vegas loan officer wanted a basic web presence with flash. With this site design we included a lesson for the site owner on how to promote their site themselves. (back to top) The original site had been stuck in frames, so we pulled it out of frames, and added some understated flash to modernize the design. Most of the layout on this site is css-based table free design to help with usability and search engine ranking. (back to top)

Concept Pages:

Not actual sites, pages designed by OWD as examples of our work
Goth Design
Pretty with Pink
Old Fashioned Scrapbook


Search Engine Consulting:
This site was designed by the site owner and had a great look and flow. However, the search engines were not ranking it
well. I consulted with the owner and we outlined a plan to implement changes to make the site look better to
the search engines. To see how well this site is doing search under our targeted keywords of
natural childbirth classes las vegas” “hypnobirthing las vegas” “childbirth classes las vegas“. (back to top)

Helping kids deal with divorce Kids Turn wanted help ranking for “kids” and “divorce” combinations.

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Search engine placement depends on how competitive the keywords for your site are,
and how many other sites are seeking the top spot. Be assured I will use every bit of search
engine friendly design in your web pages, and if your site falls under a highly competitive
category, I can guide you on the best advertising bang for your buck.

Before you choose an SEO specialist, read this great summary on SEO from Wikipedia:

“Search engine optimization (SEO), a subset of search engine marketing, is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. SEO can also target specialized searches such as image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

SEO is marketing by understanding how search algorithms work and what human visitors might search for, to help match those visitors with sites offering what they are interested in finding. Some SEO efforts may involve optimizing a site’s coding, presentation, and structure, without making very noticeable changes to human visitors, such as incorporating a clear hierarchical structure to a site, and avoiding or fixing problems that might keep search engine indexing programs from fully spidering a site. Other, more noticeable efforts, involve including unique content on pages that can be easily indexed and extracted from those pages by search engines while also appealing to human visitors”{Click to read more}