Arizona Based Website Design & SEO


What are your prices?
These prices are an estimate from past work. Your project may cost slightly less or more. Depending on the services or product you offer. If you are a nonprofit agency, or have a special circumstance such as a you represent a special interest group or a missing person, contact me with your needs and we can work within your budget. We also strive to find the most affordable solutions for our clients when it comes to software, hosting, and credit card processing.

Website Creation (PC & Mobile Compatible) Unless requested, all new websites are created in WordPress and managed by a high quality template of your choice. Clients are provided with an assortment of template designs to choose from and can customize with their business colors. The possibilities are endless. Up to 7 pages Your text based upon my keyword research Up to 5 stock images included. You may add your own unlimited images. Up to one basic contact form. All SEO keyword research included. All pages search engine optimized. XML Google Yahoo & Bing compliant sitemap Your business facebook twitter & other social media added $950-2000
Existing site organic on page SEO tune up initial keyword research, page tune up including all tags & headers. Sitemap completed & uploaded. $150 for all research & sitemap & then $35 per page. Keyword & phrase research, report & recommendations only $150
For any site 10 pages or less I take your existing content & switch over to WordPress & template of your choice. SEO tuneup $1000
All other services may be billed per hour. Services including but not limited to: Keyword research for blogging topics Updates to existing sites Monthly site updates or blogging Social Media management $65/ per hour. However I may combine some services so please email and ask.

**Hosting is extra, as is authoring content from scratch. All content provided must be easily accessible for copying & pasting into the website & images provided from client must web ready with minimal editing or more fees may apply.



I had/have a web site already but we do not get a lot of traffic, and the traffic we do get does not buy our product. Can you help?
Yes. We have experience in helping site owners understand how search engines work and how to implement changes. We will guide you on a strategic internet marketing campaign. Our training also provides looking at the usability of your site-seeing your site through the eyes of your audience and making sure the design on the site itself is not what is turning your end-user off.
Our site is old & outdated. Do we need a new one?
Not exactly. First of all, there are some positives to having an existing domain from a search engine perspective. Also, with a few simple changes to the look of a site and the addition of new graphics we may be able to modernize your site quite easily. We can take any text & information that is still current & add any updates normally for less than getting a whole new site.

Our business has a site that we manage ourselves, but we need more traffic.
I can consult with your webmaster or you to go over your goals, give you a list of changes to be made as well as a strategic plan to implement off the web page seo (link exchanges, submittals, etc). I can also let you know how to get started of a pay per click campaign if needed.

I don’t know if we can afford a pay per click {PPC} campaign. How would we get started? How much does it cost?
PPC is actually really affordable, and can fit into any advertising budget. A business owner is able to set her own per day budget that can be as little as a few dollars. PPC campaigns can be displayed on only local websites, for the specific key phrases I recommend, they can be displayed on mobile phones and can be text or image. It is some of the best advertising bang for your buck. I can get you started on your own PPC campaign or manage it for you from start to finish.